About us

Founded by a diverse group of students and young professionals, ChengHuai aims to support emerging and interdisciplinary practices across the fields of art, technology, and entrepreneurship in response to the changing nature of contemporary aesthetics. We bring together forward-thinking art professionals who are pursuing new forms of art and curatorial practices. By questioning discourses of the contemporary aesthetics, ChengHuai creates a communicative space for experimental initiatives with galleries and academies as a means to connect with various multidisciplinary communities.
ChengHuai’s exploration on interdisciplinary practices are conveyed through public programs and research projects. We collaborates with art professionals such as artists,gallerists, curators, and art critics, and is involved in partnerships with several like-minded organizations to initiate research and events. Our research projects serve for art consultation and institutional recognition of emerging artists. Besides researches, we contribute to our community with engaging events such as artist’s talk and studio visits.
We value diversity, self-initiatives, and thinking out of boxes. We promote the development of art community by firmly holding the ethics of cultural diversity. We see the potential in cross-pollinating art industry and academia with both an intellectual and an entrepreneurial drive.

About 'ChengHuai'

Originated from the text of tenth century Chinese aestheticist and philosopher Zong Bing, Chenghuai (澄怀) professes a metaphysical disposition wherein the subject and object become a whole in aesthetic appreciation, and the self soars in its transcendence of physical experiences. Carrying this spiritual message with ourselves, we hope to embark on an elevated journey and to harvest spiritual food in our exploration of art.