Current Exhibition

Virtual Multi-Media Exhibition "Through the Looking Glass"


Theme Description:

The theme “Through the Looking Glass,” an homage to a young girl’s journey through an enchanted underground forest in the acclaimed 19th century novel, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

Our goal is to inspire students and artists to try their hand at exploring their own “Wonderland” in whatever media they choose, whether that be photography, painting, drawing, digital art, live theatrical performance, film, or any other type of visual art. We encourage creativity, cleverness, and thinking outside the box!

What monsters and outlandish characters live in the fantasy world of your own design? Is it a dreamlike land of amazement, or a nightmarish underworld of horror? Does your Wonderland draw inspiration from reality, or is it purely a product of your imagination? Is there a Queen of Hearts, a Mad Hatter, or a Cheshire Cat living there, or a completely original cast of absurd characters? Perhaps there are no characters at all, but only an illogical abstract concept. What do you see when you fall through your Looking Glass?

Show us the impossible, in whatever manner you prefer!

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
General Process:

Fifteen artworks will be selected for the final virtual exhibition in September since we need to control the number of works we finally deliver to the audiences through the online gallery.  

In order to select artworks, Cheng Huai will be enlisting the help and experience of industry professionals. They will evaluate the pieces based on creativity, resourcefulness, and inventiveness. (The selection process will be anonymous, all pieces submitted will be assigned a number).

All skill levels are welcome to submit work; we are looking for a variety of abilities and media. As the participants may have different artistic and educational backgrounds, a piece of satisfactory work does not have to be qualified to enter an art museum.  

We will have one-month submission period followed by a half-a-month selection process. Those who are selected will have the opportunity to network with industry professionals and learn more about their craft.

Members of Selection Committee:
How to Participate ?

1. Eligibility
- At least 16 years old
- Anyone who resides in Canada (including international students who study in Canadian universities) or China
- Who has a creative mind and is willing to make his or her idea into a reality.

Cheng Huai is a Montreal-based non-profit organization run by McGill University students. The organization has a strong foundation with the Chinese and Chinese-Canadian communities, so we hope to continue to foster a sense of friendship and diversity between the two countries by including submissions from China although our organization is based in Montreal.

2. Submission Requirements
- Each participant can only submit up to 2 artworks
- Participants can submit visual arts, films, photographs or performing arts
- Every submission must refer to the theme “Through the Looking Glass”
- For image submission:
       File types: JPG, PNG, GIF
- For video submission:
       File size: no longer than 5 minutes
       File types: MP4, WEBM, OGG

3. How to submit
First, fill out one of these submission forms below (the office form is for participants who aren't able to open Google form)

  Office Form
  Google Form

If you are submitting 2 artworks, you only need to fill out 1 form! Just include both artworks' title, size, etc in the same section by numbering them.

Next, email all your materials to with a subject of “Through The Looking Glass submission + your name”.

List of materials (all files should have your name in the title):

If you know French or Mandarin or both, please offer us a version in each language so that we can convey your vision properly.

1)Artwork Description + Title
2)Artist’s Statement
3)Image or Video Files of Your Artwork          
(shared Google Drive, DropBox, or Baidu Cloud)

Finally, contact us at with a subject of “Glass-Submission Question + your name” or directly message us through our facebook page, if you have difficulty uploading your file or any other questions.

4. Important Timeline:

Submission deadline: July 31st, 2020

Final decision notification: August 21st, 2020
15 pieces that are selected for the final exhibition by this date will have their work displayed via our virtual exhibition and will have the opportunity to participate in our networking event with the judges who selected their pieces!

Private View: August 30th, 2020

Networking Event/Launch: September 1st, 2020

(Networking & Launch Date might be subject to change)

Terms & Conditions:

1) Artworks submitted by participants and the rights relating to them, including copyright and ownership rights in the Artwork, remain the sole and exclusive property of the Artist. No other use of the Artwork is granted without their express written consent.  

2) By submitting artworks, participants agree to grant Cheng Huai a license to use, promote, display and distribute the artworks for non-commercial purposes. Cheng Huai shall not permit others to use, modify or adapt the artworks without the artists’ agreement.  

3) Participants hereby represent that: You are the creator of the artwork and any other material submitted to Cheng Huai, and that you have all the necessary rights, consents, and authorizations required to license the artwork according to these Terms.