Current Exhibition

Homecoming Homegoing:
into Heterotopias

From July 13 to August 1


Galerie 2112
2112 Amherst, Montreal, Quebec H2L 3L8


Edel Yang


Chole Cheuk
Zhizi Wang
Yuki Kasai-Pare
Ahreum Lee
Breanna Shanahan
Ivetta Sun Young Kang
Florence Yee

Inspired by the multi-faceted experiences of migration and settlement, the works of Homecoming, Homegoing: Into Heterotopias weave into our concerns over simultaneous presences a variety of dichotomous spaces and places: maps for real and psychological terrains, permanent and temporary residential address, two-dimensional ‘pictorial space’ and three-dimensional ‘physical space.’ Among those who share the predicament of having more than one geographical “homes,” a common curiosity into the abovementioned variety of places/spaces arises.

Theorized by Michel Foucault in his 1967 essay “Of Other Spaces,” heterotopias refer to the compound of incompatible spaces or spaces of different kinds coined together. It is a sort of effectively enacted utopia in which all real sites found within a culture are simultaneously “represented, contested, and inverted.” Heterotopias are dialectical spaces which render the incompatibilities compatible therein. This show takes the concept of heterotopia as a reference point from which to venture further into our contemplations on the dialectically-related physical and metaphorical spaces we dwell in. The artworks selected speak of the anxiety and poetics of temporary settlement, usually risen from the transience of identities attached to locations, altogether negotiating the concept of home within and outside of institutional spaces.

The notion of heterotopia conceptualizes our living conditions in neither a garden of delights nor an apocalyptic horror, and instead offers a promise of coexistence. For those who travel back and forth between different spatial and ideological boundaries, a heterotopia holds the potential to enclose the many sites we call “home” and orchestrate a cacophonic melody out of our various anxieties and joys towards these places and spaces. The synchrony of their disparate paths come to amalgamate and conjure as an iridescent kaleidoscope of geometric patterns. Reflecting on such experiences, this show hopes to describe the homegoing/homecoming journey within heterotopias for which our thinking, actions, and presences beckon.