Nebula Therapy:
Empowering Talk with
Dana Velan

April 05 2018
15:00 to 17:00
Research Commons A
Mclennan Library

Dana Velan, Untitled from the series Legendless Maps, 2012, pen, ink, watercolour on paper 48 x 79 in

In collaboration with SSMU Mental Health Club, our Empowering talk and Watercolour Workshop invites you to the cozy talk with the artist Dana Velan and meet with fellow creative souls during this very intense winter season.

The artist Dana Velan's recent large-scale water-colour series Nebula (2014) create imaginary realms to realize therapeutic powers of art. Inspired by a variety of stories and elements, from astrophysical phenomena and natural elements to literature and diasporic experiences, Dana creates a world of  imaginary landscapes which also have strong spiritual relieving power.

Come and hear the artist talk about her experiences as a refugee-artist, her practices, and empower yourself with fellow students through experimenting with watercolours! ART SUPPLIES will be provided.

We aim at raising awareness of mental health issues at McGill and alleviate students' stress through inviting you to have this immersive experiences with the artist.

WORKSHOP (to experiment with watercolors) by donation

Luminous Ideas:
Studio Visit with Yann Pocreau

Yann Pocreau, Cathédrale, 2013, Print on « blue back paper », light system, interventions, 385 cm x 1402 cm

February 27
16:30 to 18:15
Fonderie Darling

During a career which has expanded for more than a decade, artist Yann Pocreau draws on abstract designs of space and light to create a kind of luminous photography which also refers back to the illuminating nature of photography itself. Through those artworks evocative of different architectural spaces from cathedrals to domestic interiors, the artist emanates from photographs an intimate and sublime relationship with time, space, and thus, selves of the viewers.

We invite you to join us for a talk and a studio tour with the artist Yann Pocreau to hear about his creative visions and inspirations behind some of his most important works including Cathédrale (2013) during his residency at Fonderie Darling.

Photographing Home:
Artists' Talk with Hua Jin and Jinyoung Kim

Hua Jin, Mirage, 2014, inkjet print, 120 x 150 inch

February 11
13:30 to 15:30
Milton B

Montreal-based artists, Hua Jin and Jinyoung Kim both use photography to reflect upon complex modern relationships with notions of home.

In Hua Jin’s My Big Family, what began as a documentation of the artist’s extended family is transformed into a study of the effects of the China’s one-child policy on contemporary families. In Jinyoung Kim’s Jugong Apartments, the abolished architecture of the artist’s childhood home in South Korea speak equally to loss of a once-familiar place and the country’s rapid urbanization in recent decades.

On Sunday, February 11, we invite these two artists to discuss their works in photography, the relationship between personal and social narratives in art, and their understandings of notions of diaspora, homeland, and return.

The event will include brief presentations by each artist to introduce their works, followed by a casual roundtable discussion with attendees, moderated by Muhan Zhang and Edel Yang.

Please note: Our host venue, Milton B, has kindly requested attendees purchase a drink or snack. The event itself is free for all to attend, some free snacks will be provided.

Studio Visit with Dominic Besner

November 12
10:00 to 12:00
Besner's Studio

The impressive paintings of Canadian artist Dominic Besner strike a chord amongst educated and general beholders alike. Indeed, through his enigmatic works, the Montreal-based artist has constructs elaborate worlds occupied by figures which many will find appealing in their curious and colorful abstraction, while scholars are likely to relay the figures and architectural features back to classical mythology and/or Renaissance drama and styles of design. Said works, couched in the pulse of contemporary society with a cultured twist have garnered the creator an impressive number of credits and recognitions.

On November 12, we invite three writers in the Besner research project to join an intimate interview with artist Dominic Besner  to discuss his artistic career. The event will include a video documentation which will be available on youtube after.