Zhan Wang: Art Investment Report

Mr. Zhan Wang is one of the few renowned contemporary Chinese artists specialized in sculptures. He has been regarded as a leading innovative figure in both Chinese and international academic circles as his works have been collected by prestigious art institutions, whereas his talent is less valued in the capital markets. This mismatch in value is also recognized by the private collector who now needs an objective analysis on the potential of the artist. 

Emerging Canadian Artists: Art Investment Report

Dominic Besner is an Emerging Contemporary artist in Canada who illustrates his involvement with strong emotions in the use of expressive colors and abstracted figures. The artist manipulates the bright but contrasting colors empowers an impactive cognition on spectator, giving a striving but impressive spectatorship experience. Dominic Besner is also a leading figure in Canadian contemporary art market with an ascending investment return. His potentiality was discovered by more and more collectors and art institutions.

Besner Research Project

We’re doing our first research project on the Montreal-based prolific artist Dominic Besner. Looking into Besner’s oeuvre and life, our project provides unique perspectives for contextualizing the artist in a resourceful intellectual light.


Asia Pacific Art and Culture Association

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