Virtual Exhibition

Multi-Media Exhibition "Through the Looking Glass"

September 1st, 2020

Online Show Platform:

Selection Committee:
Josée Pedneault
Dayna McLeod
Xiaoyue Pu
Adam McIlwaine

Huirui Zhang
Makenna Woodward-Crackower

Virtual Gallery Launch Announcement

After months of preparations, Cheng Huai’s 2020 exhibition, “Through the Looking Glass,” is now available for public viewing!  

From the studios of independent artists and students from all over Canada and China, we are proud to deliver a complete, virtual, gallery visit experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.  

Our selection committee, to whom we are incredibly grateful, comprised of award-winning professional artists and global scholars. They carefully examined all the submissions we received in order to help us curate a gallery that answers the question: “What do you see when you fall through your looking glass?”

The theme of the exhibition is based upon the surreal nature of the current pandemic, which has given an opportunity for careful introspection. Drawing inspiration from the classic tale of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, we created a “Wonderland,” filled with engaging, thought-provoking, and beautiful art, in the form of paintings, photographs, sculpture, and short films.

Complete with musical accompaniment from Zihan Xu, we invite you to join us for a trip into the real, the absurd, and the wonderful.

Adeline (Jiawen) Li
Yuhan Xiao
Béatrice Langevin

Background Music Composer:
Zihan Xu bilibili channel|Youtube channel

Graphic Designer:

Jessica Gu her website

List of Contributed Artists:
Anne Thibault artist's website
Athena Katerina ins: innerathena
Bin Dong
Ergang Feng
Fan Pu
Jinyan Feng ins: jinyanbabe_
DOIS (Kimura Byol-Nathalie Lemoine & Fernando Belote)
ins: fernandobelote
ins: kimurabyol
Laurence Dauphinais artist's website
Monique Boudreau artist's website
Wenyang Li ins: eurypterus_l
Xin Guan
Xuewen Yao
Ying Li