Cheng Huai


Cheng Huai Art & Culture Association

"Making the professional art world more accessible and inviting to students, amateur artists, and art connoisseurs alike. "

Cheng Huai was founded in 2017 by a diverse group of McGill students and young professionals.

The non-profit organization is based in Montreal, Canada and aims to support emerging and interdisciplinary practices across the fields of art, technology, and entrepreneurship in response to the changing nature of contemporary aesthetics. In 2020, Cheng Huai is carried on by a new group of passionate students.

With the new team, Cheng Huai will continue to be a communicative space where art academia and the art industry meet. The organization hopes to incorporate interdisciplinary art practices into its program, including digital art, film, performance, and photography, in order to reflect the changing definition of art in an increasingly technology-focused world.

The purpose of Cheng Huai is to give university students who are interested in working in the art industry an opportunity to showcase art, gain experience, and learn about potential career avenues. We will do this by hosting art exhibitions, career fairs, professional lectures, and other networking-style events.

Cheng Huai is an ambitious initiative where diversity, entrepreneurship, and creativity are valued.

"The name 'Cheng Huai' professes a metaphysical disposition wherein the subject and object become a whole in aesthetic appreciation, and the self soars in its transcendence of physical experiences. "

The name is originated from the text of tenth century Chinese aestheticist and philosopher Zong Bing.

Carrying the spiritual message of "cheng huai" (澄怀)with ourselves, we hope to embark on an elevated journey and to harvest spiritual food in our exploration of art.