Studio Visit with Dominic Besner

November 12, 2017
10:00 to 12:00 Besner's Studio

The impressive paintings of Canadian artist Dominic Besner strike a chord amongst educated and general beholders alike. Indeed, through his enigmatic works, the Montreal-based artist has constructs elaborate worlds occupied by figures which many will find appealing in their curious and colorful abstraction, while scholars are likely to relay the figures and architectural features back to classical mythology and/or Renaissance drama and styles of design. Said works, couched in the pulse of contemporary society with a cultured twist have garnered the creator an impressive number of credits and recognitions.

On November 12, we invite three writers in the Besner research project to join an intimate interview with artist Dominic Besner  to discuss his artistic career. The event will include a video documentation which will be available on youtube after.