Artist-Writer Pairing Program

The purpose of our pairing program is to foster relationships between Montréal contemporary artists and art history students.

Students in our program write articles about local artists to be displayed on our website, allowing for students to gain non-academic writing and publishing experiences and for artists to have their work promoted.

If you are a university student who wants to gain publishing experience
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Between Memory and Dream: A Look at Jihane Mossalim’s Portraits
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"Let's Eat" - Self Discovery through Performance: A Conversation with Joliz Dela Peña
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Cognitive Dissonance: A Conversation with Anissa Boukili El Hassani
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Film as a Mode of Expression and of Experience: A Conversation with Nadia Louis-Desmarchais
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The Absurd Now: A Conversation with Emmanuel Laflamme
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Matérialiser les failles: une discussion avec Clara Painchaud
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Compositions Urbaines Hors Cases: Un Entretien avec Adi
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Art as Living Objects: A Conversation With Amanda Préval
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Banal to Beautiful: A Conversation with Charlotte Gosselin
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By Isabella Douce


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